effects of smoking cigarettes gentle cloth

Life just like Marlboro cigarette
Those people who like music, probably all are the lonely people. When every drop of notes filter your every pore, the kind of feeling, is not the need for a person quietly taste?Suddenly I understand why I love all soft and fluffy clothes, that kind of to soft, inclusive, is probably the emotional world that we lack of. Every time when i use my cheek to touch the effects of smoking cigarettes gentle cloth, my heart rises an miserable feeling.I lit a Marlboro red cigarette, in a gesture of despair, in the smoke of incense, quietly feel newport 100 carton detached and balance. But this feeling is more and more difficult to find. Can’t help but light another one. And life, you can do it again? Every life has finite length, like this a cigarette, finally will burn out. How many lives, so quietly burning, no attention, just a lonely show.
A season time, many flowers bloom and fade, leaves come out and fall. Everyone has his own unique way of playing his wonderful, but no audience. Like “YTDFSGFGCUEYAB” cigarettes quietly burning, people do not know the inside herbal cigarettes of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot. May be left to others only smoke jumping for a moment, the little Confidante.I do not know when I began to like a Marlboro cigarette, fascination with the night. Maybe only cigarettes are the most loyal friend. Only it is willing to burn for me silently, when the body turns to ashes still without complaint. The dark night seems to have a faint taste of sorrow. Each cigarette ignited, your heart is like light smoke brew storms on rivers and seas. The smoke filled in around me I have dizzy spells. Long aftertaste, a long time to wake up.
They clearly understand that Marlboro regular cigarettes are just a kind of discount cigarettes emotional sustenance. However, no final cigarette burn, as is still the lonely heart. Every cold night is so suffering. While they are inextricably bogged down in this feeling. I always look forward to the slightest warmth coming, looking forward to next season.Quietly waiting, it seems to have become a habit. When the sword like sun gently across the sky, my heart is the cheapusacigs.com little warmth gently pull. But it seems that this is not the feeling that you want to pursue. I get up and drink a cup of cold water, feel the biting cold. The thick cool immersed in the heart from the tip of the tongue, condenses into a crystal clear tears in my deep heart.This feeling only taste by your own slowly.