Chinese cigarette health warnings after the international rankings by people how to form the habit of smoking?

Chinese cigarette health warnings after the international rankings by people how to form the habit of smoking?

The latest rankings show that cigarette Marlboro Gold Cigarettes 198 countries and territories worldwide health warnings international rankings (a total of 144, including tied for), China ranked 110, became the field of “poor students.”Buy cigarettes online in our cheap online cigarettes wholesale store.

Why do people formed the habit of smoking?

1, curious. For most young people smoking, starting just out of curiosity, I often heard people say: “cigarette after a meal is better than life”, he wanted to go and experience “YTDFSGFGCUEYFA” the taste.Our Online Cigarettes Store offers Marlboro and Newport cigarettes wholesale service.

2, imitate. Cigarettes have multiple symbolic role, the history of many great men are like smoking, such as cigars, large pipes Stalin, Mao Churchill tobacco addiction, these great image to attract many young people to imitate. In addition, as an adult or peer influence, and that smokers casual ease, leisurely demeanor of young cheap cigarettes people having a great temptation, attracting young people to imitate.Cheap Online Cigarettes Wholesale Store.

3, communicative needs. In China, smoking has become a means of communication. Cigarettes are often a prelude to the social, can shorten the psychological distance between people. Cigarettes each other can communicate feelings, generated close psychological help solve problems. Many people start simply because of social entertainment on the former work, first to give the other party a Sincerely, followed by a point on their own; others give you cigarettes, do not accept and it looks rude. With the increase of such “reciprocity”, and slowly smoked half a cigarette from the uncomfortable to not smoke for a long time is not comfortable, and finally join the ranks of smokers.

4, Xiaochou. There are a lot of people after a setback in work, study and life, then by smoking to relieve their tension, eliminate all the troubles.

5, refreshing. After smoking addiction, it was found that tobacco has a stimulant, parliament cigarettes and physiological addiction makes smoking becomes a habit and enjoyment, many people do not marlboro lights smoke tobacco addiction would no spirit, and a smoke, it refreshed, thinking big open .

6, show their maturity. In the eyes of many young people, smoking is a sign of a man, is a sign of maturity. In order to prove that he is no longer a child, and the choice of smoking in this way.