The accompany of Marlboro cigarettes

The accompany of Marlboro cigarettes
I can’t remember when was the first time i light Marlboro gold regular cigarette, just remember it has been a very long time.From then on, my life, is always accompanied by the cigarettes.It is said that when you Feel happy, you should parliament cigarettes drink wine, when you feel depressed, you should smoke cigarettes.But as for me, both joys and sorrows, I like to lit a cigarette.When i feel satisfied, i will light a cigarette, which would be possible for me to fully enjoy the pleasure of success.After a day of class, the classmate all first time go out of school, and I, would rather go to the coffee cheap cigarettes room, make myself a cup of coffee, then click a cigarette.Half lying in the chair, flat legs as far as possible, the first one mouthful smoke always been deep, and then raised my head, sip up mouth, spue heavy smoke, the smoke will like arrows fly so high.Then close my eyes, taste a day of harvest, I broke the smoke slowly in small sips finished, later, turn to that cup of coffee. It didn’t mean the end of my study marlboro lights life in a day until I left the coffee room.
In the ancient and modern in china and abroad, it is filled with countless heroes “violence”, as a boy, the worship for hero is from the nature.But in our real life, violence, is definitely not a good way to solve the problem.When the sulks in our chest impact our brain, I always light a Marlboro regular cigarette.On the one hand to calm myself, on the other hand, thinking about way to solve the problem.Until i calm down and find the answer, sniff again last sip, the cigarette butts and press out, and then vomit a smoke, as if to tell myself: yes, I’ve made up my mind.
No Marlboro Gold Cigarettes one will always make the right decision.The consequences of wrong decision, is often bitter, “YTDFSGFGCUEYFA” sad, sometimes, even inevitable.Tears kept swirling in the eye, blurred my vision, but a man’s self-esteem does not allow your tears to flow through the cheek.At this moment, I will take out a cigarette, every bite all smoking is very hard, also very far.That is not only i smoke, but also to swallow my tears into the stomach.And the smoke of the spat far dissipates, also took away my pain and sorrow.After finish the Marlboro gold regular cigarette, the line of sight slowly restore clear.Life is long, I also want to carry a man’s shell to finish my journey.

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